Advanced Automated Media: Engineering "The Next"

Don't allow your brand to get lost among the 3,000-or-so daily advertising messages bombarding today's consumer and the 200 or so ad networks vying for your ad dollars to spray every mobile device with your ad whether they want it or not, and hope for some hits, even if they were accidental. 


Advanced Automated Media offers a unique, patent pending blend of technology called AdXero(R) that turns your creative ideas into successful campaigns. We know precisely how to reach your target audience.  And ensure they ask for more.

About Us

Creativity and innovation are in our blood.  We're living in the 21st Century, but carriers and ad networks are still thinking in 20th Century methodologies.  At AAM, we're always thinkng about "the next."  AdXero(R) is the future of mobile advertising.

What We Offer

New technology that lets you, the advertiser, target a specific, willing demographic, ready to receive your message and prove it was watched.  No more paying for 100 million impressions to reach 1 million consumers.  Just send your message to the willing 1 million and see the demographic respond at better than 90%.  Every time.

What Makes Us Stand Out


A patent pending system that ensures eyeballs on your advertisement and a near 100% acceptance to continue to receive your message.