Our Creativity is the Cornerstone of Your Success

Don't let your message go unseen! Our patent pending technology is designed to convert your ad impression into effective advertising, ensuring guaranteed views of your message.  Since its founding, Advanced Automated Media has been developing mobile advertising strategies designed to increase the enthusiastic uptake of advetisements on mobile devices. We have made it our mission to provide advertisers with innovative technology that delivers cost-effective media campaigns at near 100% acceptance.


Advanced Automated Media's AdXero(R) platform provides:

  • A system and method around advertisng to mobile devices
  • Neural Network Artificial Intelligent Tracking proof of ad views
  • Neural Network Artificial Intelligent Real-Time Bidding
  • Advertisers pay for actual views, not wasted ad spend
  • Connection with your target demographic at a higher level
  • A system that encourages consumers to want to receive your ad